Vol. 101  No. June  2008

Chondroid Syringoma of the External Auditory Canal: 
A Case Report

Katsuki Niwa, Akihiro Kurita and Akihiro Shiotani
(National Defense Medical College Hospital)

Chondroid syringoma (so-called mixed tumor) of the skin is usually a firm or polypoid tumor and histologically composed of epithelial components, showing glandular or ductal differentiations, and myxoid or chondroid stroma. Eighty to ninety percent of chondroid syringoma of the skin occur in the head and neck region, particularly around the nose. Chondroid syringoma of the external auditory canal is extremely rare. We report a case of chondroid syringoma in a 60-year-old man, who presented with a solid tumor in the left external auditory canal. The tumor was totally excised along with the overlying skin. Histologically, the tumor consisted of ducts with lumina of varying sizes lined by two or several layers of epithelial cells. Glandular ductal sizes were large or small, and large ducts are cystic. There are aggregates of eosinophilic collagen fiber and basophilic mucoid in the stroma. Those lead this case to the diagnosis of chondroid syringoma. We report a rare case of chondroid syringoma of the external auditory canal.

Key words :
chondroid syringoma, external auditory canal, mixed tumor

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