Vol. 96   No.5   May 2003

Clinical Study of Laryngeal Cancer 

Yoshihiro Terayama, Hirotaka Osafune and Makoto Oda
(Toho University)

      A retrospective clinical study was conducted on 121 patients with laryngeal cancer treated in our department during the 10 years between January 1986 and December 1995.
      Their mean age was 63.9 years, and the male to female ratio was 23:1.
      These patients consisted of 73 (60.3%) with glottic cancer, 42 (34.7%) with supraglottic cancer, and 6 (5.0%) with subglottic cancer.
      Metastases to cervical lymph nodes were observed in 3 (4.1%) patients with glottic cancer and 13 (31.0%) with supraglottic cancer, and incidence of cervical lymph node metastases was significantly higher in supraglottic cancer.
      According to the 1987 UICC TNM classification, 46 (38.0%) were in stage I, 44 (36.4%) were in stage II, 16 (13.2%) were in stage III, and 15 (12.4%) were in stage IV.
      The five-year survival rates were 92.9% in glottic cancer, 68.3% in supraglottic cancer, and 53.3% in subglottic cancer.
      The overall five-year survival rates was 82.7%, including 95.3% in stage I, 85.2% in stage II, 62.5% in stage III, and 60.0% in stage IV.
      The five-year larynx preservation rate was 80.3% in T1, 68.6% in T2, 22.2% in T3, and 0% in T4.

Key words : clinical study, laryngeal cancer, five-year survival rate


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