Vol. 98  No. 12  December 2005

A Case of Malignant External Otitis for Which 
Burow's Solution was Effective

Hiroaki Imaishi and Hisao Naganuma
(Kin-ikyo-chuo Hospital)
Tomohiro Yoshizawa
(Kin-ikyo Sapporo Nishiku Hospital)
Seiichi Yamaji
(Kin-ikyo Sapporo Minami Clinic)

      A patient who was undergoing treatment for diabetes developed necrotizing external otitis due to Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection. The patient was a 75-year old man, and the main complaint were earache and otorrhea of the right ear. Daily intravenous antibiotic administration and ear examination were performed after hospitalization. However, because control of inflammation was not achieved, Burow's solution was used. Otorrhea improved following administration two times. Because granulation tissue was reduced, we discharged the patient.
     Burow's solution was effective for malignant external otitis.

Key words : malignant external otitis, Burow's solution, Pseudomonas aeruginosa


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