Vol. 98  No. 12  December 2005

A Case of Laryngeal Amyloidosis           

Tomoyasu Tachibana, Michihiro Nakada and Teruaki Takishita
(Himeji Red Cross Hospital)
Toru Watanabe
(Chugoku Central Hospital)

      We experienced a case of laryngeal amyloidosis. The patient was a 54-year-old woman who complained of hoarseness and throat discomfort. We found a yellow smooth-surfaced tumor in the right false vocal cord by laryngeal fiberscopy. The mobility of the right vocal cord was restricted. Biopsy findings by laryngomicrosurgery were consistent with amyloidosis. The lesion was not found in any other organization. Considering the risk of dyspnea, the mass was excised and vaporized with a KTP laser. There have been no remarkable recurrent signs.

Key words : laryngeal amyloidosis, hoarseness, KTP laser


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