Vol. 99  No. May 2006

Medial Protrusion of the Lamina Papyracea: A Case Report

Yukiko Mochizuki, Takayuki Mochizuki, Ritsuko Yoneda and Hajime Hirose
(Yamato Tokushukai Hospital)
Mamoru Tsukuda
(Yokohama City University School of Medicine)


Medial protrusion of the lamina papyracea into the ethomoid sinus has been described as a cause of orbital complications during endoscopic sinus surgery (ESS). The reported rate of the abnormal ranges from 0.5~6.5%.
We encountered a male patient with nasal bleeding. A nasal tumor in right nasal cavity was found and medial protrusion of the lamina papyracea into the ethmoid sinus was confirmed by preoperative CT examinations. The patient was successfully treated by ESS without orbital complications.
We emphasized that appropriate CT examinations before ESS are very important for preoperative evaluation of the anatomical relation among adjacent critical structures.

Key words : protrusion of the lamina papyracea, ESS, CT

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