Vol. 99  No. May 2006

Three Cases of Kimura's Disease Treated 
with Post Operative Administrarion

Yukiyoshi Hyo, Toshihiro Tachi, Yukitake Mori, 
Teruhito Aihara and Tamotsu Harada
(Kawasaki Medical School)
Kazuyasu Fukuda
(Iseikai Hospital)

      Kimura's disease is a chronic benign inflammatory disease with eosinophilia in peripheral blood and often involves the cervical lymph nodes and parotid gland. However, decisive therapy has not been established in the head and neck region.
We report three cases of Kimura's disease. All patients were male and ranged in age from 45 to 58.
All were initially diagnosed with a malignant tumor on imaging findings (MRI, CT), but accurate diagonoses were finally established by biopsy. We treated these patients with steroid (prednisolone) per oral along with steroid (dexamethasone) local injection. All patients showed remarkable improvement. Therefore, we emphasize that these routes of administration made a good combination.
However, since it has been reported that this disease often recur after a long period, further follow-up is necessary.

Key words: Kimura's disease, eosinophilic granuloma, steroid hormone

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