Vol. 99   No.7 @@2006 



  • Change and its Significance in the Treatment 
    of Hypopharyngeal Carcinoma [abstract]
S. Tanaka
  • Microflap Technique for Vocal Fold Polyp  
S. Hirano
  • Location of Tinnitus Frequency Examined from the Pure Tone Audiometric Pattern   [abstract]
H. Okumura, et al.
  • Two Cases of Congenital Cochlear Dysplasia Associated with Meningitis [abstract]
M. Konishi, et al.
  • Bilateral Low-Frequency Hearing Loss Following Spinal Anesthesia: A Case Report  [abstract]
S.B.Shibata, et al.
  • Image of the Facial Canal Shown by "3DX Multi-Image Micro CT"  [abstract]
K. Yamada.
  • Isolated Oculomotor Nerve Palsy Caused by Paranasal 
    Sinus Disease: A Report of Three Cases   [abstract]
M. Hara, et al.
  • Hemangioma of the Sphenoid Sinus: A Case Report   [abstract]
T. Yoshida, et al.
  • A Case of Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma 
    to the Maxillary Sinus   [abstract]
K. Sakaguchi, et al.
  • A Case of Submandibular Hemangioma  [abstract]
Y. Ishida, et al.
  • Retrograde Approach for the Parotid Gland Tumor
    -from the Zygomatic Branch of the Facial Nerve-  [abstract]
Y. Kishimoto, et al
  • Laryngeal Carcinosarcoma Recurring with Innominate Artery Fistula: A Case Reporta  [abstract]
D. Taguchi, et al
  • Schwannoma Arising from the Pharyngeal Branch of the Vagus Nerve  [abstract]
A.Katoh, et al
  • A Case of Neurovascular Compression Causing Glossopharyngeal and Vagal Nerve Palsy [abstract]  
S.Takeuchi, et al.
  • Diagnosis and Treatment for Myringitis
S. Iwasaki