Vol. 100  No. 6 June  2007

A Case of Frontal Sinus Cyst with Intracranial Development

Takemitsu Hama, Junji Asano, Makoto Yasuda, 
Yayoi Hiromura and Yasuo Hisa
(Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine)

Yasuko Ochi
(Maizuru Medical Center)

Tadahisa Shibano
(Shiga Hospital)

     We report a 50-year old man with chronic sinusitis with frontal sinus cyst showing intracranial development. He complained of swelling in the medial angle of the right eyelid. Preoperative CT and MRI demonstrated a right frontal sinus cyst and ethmoid-maxillary sinusitis. The frontal sinus cyst compressed the right frontal lobe of the cerebrum, but no symptom was accompanied by frontal lobe impairment. Under general anesthesia, the frontal sinus cyst and sinusitis were accessed by intranasal ESS. We gently fenestrated the wall of the frontal sinus cyst with a microdebrider and drained the cystic component. The patient has been event free with no recurrence for 15 months postoperatively.

Key words : frontal sinus cyst, intracranial development, ESS, sinusitis

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