Vol. 100   No.6  June@2007



  • Management of Diplopia Associated with Blowout Fracture  [abstract]
Y. Kase
  • Identification of the Main Trunk of the Facial Nerve in Parotid Surgery 
R. Kawata
  • The Effect of Steroids and PGE1 in the Treatment of Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss [abstract]
T. Watanabe, et al.
  • A Case of Frontal Sinus Cyst with Intracranial Development   [abstract]
T. Hama, et al.
  • Four Cases of MALT Lymphoma Arising in the Lingual Tonsil   [abstract]
H. Ogihara, et al.
  • A Case of Thrombophlebitis of the Internal Jugular Vein after Peritonsillar Abscesses  [abstract]
K. Izuhara, et al.
  • A Case of Synovial Sarcoma of the Larynx  [abstract]
R. Ota, et al.
  • MALT Lymphoma in the Mesopharynx   [abstract]
Y. Mori, et al.
  • Aspiration Biopsy Cytology for Diagnosis of Malignant Lymphoma    [abstract]
T. Fuke, et al.
  • Three Cases of Cervical Schwannoma Arising from Vagus Nerve   [abstract]
T. Ogawa, et al.
  • Two Cases of Invasive Aspergillus Sinusitis and Mastoiditis Successfully Treated with Voriconazole  [abstract]
E. Kondo, et al.
  • Globus Pharyngeus and Gastroesophageal Reflux
    -A Study with Frequency Scale for Symptoms of GERD-   [abstract]
K. Asakura, et al.
  • Treatment of Four Cases of Intractable Meniere's Disease with a New Middle Ear Pressure Device, Meniett®  [abstract]
H. Yabe, et al.
Y. Umeda
  • An Approach for Patients with Vertigo in Children
K. Mizuta