Vol. 100  No. 6 June  2007

MALT Lymphoma in the Mesopharynx

Yukitake Mori, Yukiyoshi Hyo, Masako Uno, 
Teruhito Aihara, Takeshi Akisada and Tamotsu Harada
(Kawasaki Medical School)

     A mucosa-associated lymphoma (MALT) is a tumor of lymphoid tissue involving the mucosa. Histopathological examination revealed a marginal zone B-cell lymphoma of MALT type. MALT lymphomas are low-grade lymphomas found mainly in the stomach and intestinal tract. Oto-rhino-laryngologically, MALT lymphomas have rarely been reported in the salivary gland. To the best of our knowledge, there have been reported only four cases in the minor salivary glands. Our patient was a 71-year-old woman with discomfort in the mesopharynx. Initially, we suspected malignant lymphoma. Such a tumor must be immediately enucleated. The pathological diagnosis was MALT lymphoma occurring in the minor salivary glands. The treatment was four courses of CHOP, rituximab and radiotherapy. About two years have passed since treatment, and there has been no recurrence.

Key words : MALT lymphoma, mesopharynx, rituximab

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