Vol. 100  No. 6 June  2007

Aspiration Biopsy Cytology for Diagnosis of 
Malignant Lymphoma

Tomohito Fuke, Toshifumi Tomioka, Tomotaka Miyamura and Hiroyuki Yamada
(Yamada Red Cross Hospital)

     Fine needle aspiration cytology (FNA) is a non-invasive and cost-effective examination for the diagnosis of cervical tumors. Therefore FNA is useful for diagnosis of malignant lymphoma with cervical lymphadenopathy, yielding good accuracy and specificity. There were a few false-negative results, and open biopsies were necessary for diagnosis in these cases. This approach resulted in an increased rate of immediate diagnosis and in a decreased rate of unnesessary open biopsy.

Key words : biopsy, malignant lymphoma, fine needle aspiration cytology (FNA)

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