Vol. 97  No. January 2004

Day Surgery in Otolaryngology

Juichi Ito
(Kyoto University)

       In 2000, the day surgery unit was established in Kyoto University Hospital. The annual number of surgeries in 2002 was approximately 2000 total and 277 in Otolaryngology. Average age of patients was 45.3 for men and 46.0 for women. The number of male patients was greater than that of female in patients aged under 40, and we assume this tendency was caused by the minimum disruption of daily life of day surgery.
      A critical path was applied for the better utilization of patient information among medical personnel. No major accidents were reported until now.
      Day surgery should be utilized not only to reduce cost by replacing inpatient surgery but also to create a new medical service for patients by its convenience.

Key words : day surgery, ambulatory surgery, critical path


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