Vol. 97   No.1   January@2004



  • Day Surgery in Otolaryngology  [abstract]
J. Ito
  • Widened Retrolabyrinthine Approach for Vestibular Schwannoma Surgery
T. Kobayashi ,et al.
  • Results of Stapes Surgery   [abstract]
H. Yamada ,et al.
  • Drug Resistance of Streptococcus Pneumonie and Clinical Outcome in Children with Acute Otitis Media   [abstract]
S. Masuda ,et al.
  • Biotic Foreign Body in the External Auditory Canal(Dermacentor sp); Case Report  [abstract]
T. Masaki ,et al.
  • A Clinical Study of Olfactory Disturbance    [abstract]
K. Uehara ,et al.
  • Effect of CO2 Laser Vaporization for Nasal Allergy - A Questionnaire Survery of Long-term Effect -   [abstract]
M. Kikuchi ,et al..
  • A Case Report of Neurilemmoma of the Larynx   [abstract]
Y. Iwahashi ,et al.
  • Acquired Laryngomalacia   [abstract]
S. Ode ,et al.
  • Intraarterial Infusion Therapy with an Implantable Reservoir System for Head and Neck Carcinomas  [abstract]
H. Nakatani ,et al.
  • Examination of the Relationship between OSA and Obesity  [abstract]
M. Kenmochi ,et al.
  • Frequency of Autoimmune Chronic Thyroiditis in Outpatients of an Otorhinolaryngological Department  [abstract]
S. Morinaka ,et al.
  • Effective Cimetidine Treatment for Periodic Fever in an Elderly Woman   [abstract]
K. Takeda ,et al.
  • A Case of Spontaneous Retropharyngeal and Mediastinal Emphysema   [abstract]
M. Sakamoto ,et al.
  • Film Dressing for Primary Suture of the Neck   [abstract]
S. Suzuki ,et al.
  • Notable Points of Foreign Bodies@ 
H. Hirabayashi