Vol. 97  No. 1  January 2004

Results of Stapes Surgery

Hiroyuki Yamada, Shin-ichiro Nishii and Ryoji Ishida
(Yamada Red Cross Hospital)

       In the past 9 years and 5 months, 14 stapes surgeries were performed in our department. Eight patients had otosclerosis, 2 had congenital foot plate ankylosis, 2 had chronic otitis media, 1 had cholesteatoma after the first stage operation, and 1 with traumatic foot plate fracture were included in this group.
      The patients underwent total stapedectomy in 11 ears, and small fenestra stapedectomy in 3 ears.
      The stapes were reconstructed with teflon piston in 11 ears, and with hydroxyapatite (TORP) in 3 ears.
      Only one ear underwent reoperation due to the dislocation of the prosthesis. After the stapes surgeries, hearing was improved in 13 of 14 ears.
      Although the stapes surgery should be performed by skillful ear surgeons, all operators performing middle ear surgery should be prepared for stapes surgery.

Key words : stapes surgery, otosclerosis, teflon piston


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