Vol. 97  No. January 2004

A Case Report of Neurilemmoma of the Larynx

Yuka Iwahashi, Shin-ichi Takagita and Yasutaka Kawata
(Tenri Hospital)

Hiroyuki Kitamura
(Takai Hospital)

Norio Yamamoto
(Kyoto University)

Masakazu Miyazaki
(National Cancer Center Hospital East)

Tomoko Tateya
(Shiga Medical Center for Adult Diseases)

       Neurilemmoma of the larynx is an uncommon lesion. In Japan, the first case was reported in 1948, and since then, only 59 cases have been reported to our knowledge. We recently treated a 22-year-old female with a neurilemmoma of the larynx. She had suffered from hoarseness for 5 years. The lesion was located in the right false cord and vocal cord, and was found to be a submucosal tumor. It was resected by laryngofissure, resulting in improved phonation, and no recurrence has been noted in 13 months of follow up.

Key words : neurilemmoma, larynx, laryngofissure


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