Vol. 97  No. January 2004

Intraarterial Infusion Therapy with an Implantable 
Reservoir System for Head and Neck Carcinomas 

Hiroaki Nakatani, Shoichi Sawada, Taizo Takeda, Mitsuhiko Nakahira, 
Yozo Washizu, Kei Fukushima, Kazuhiro Yamakawa, Shuji Matsumoto, 
Satoshi Ito and Shuichi Ohara                                                                
(Kochi Medical School)

Shunji Takeuchi
(Hata Municipal Hospital)

       We herein report the results of superselective intraarteial CDDP infusion therapy with an implantable reservoir system combined with radiotherapy for 10 patients with head and neck carcinomas. Two tumors originated from the external and middle ear, 4 from the maxillary sinus, 3 from the mesopharynx and 1 from the larynx. At first, we implanted an IVH reservoir system for administration of the neutralizing agent (sodium thiosulfate) to cisplatin (CDDP). After identification of the main arterial supply by the Seldinger technique and the first intraarterial infusion, we implanted an intraarterial reservoir system, using the facial, superficial temporal and superior thyroid arteries. CDDP infusion was performed from 3 to 7 times (average 4.8). The complete and partial response rates were 50% and 40%, respectively. Occlusion of the catheter and the artery occured in 2 and 1 patient, respectively. We conclude that the implantable resorvoir system for both CDDP and STS administration is an easy, low-invasive method for intraarterial infusion therapy.

Key words : head and neck carcinoma, superselective intraarteial infusion therapy, CDDP, implantable reservoir system


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