Vol. 97  No. 1  January 2004

Film Dressing for Primary Suture of the Neck

Shinji Suzuki, Kazuhiko Shoji, Satoshi Ikegami, Miyuki Marumo, 
Yo Kishimoto and Tsuyoshi Kojima
(Tenri Hospital)

Shinichi Takagita
(National Kyoto Hospital)

Yasutaka Kawata
(Shizuoka Prefectural Central Hospital)

       We attempted to eliminate the need for epithelial sutures in closure following neck surgery, to obtain a fine scar without suture marks and avoid the pain involved in suture removal. Film dressing (Op-site) was selected as suitable for covering the primary suture and the clinical results were as follows.
      1) We could observe the wounds through the film without taking off the dressing, and could detect postoperative hematomas earlier.
      2) Disinfection and gauze exchange became unnecessary, and our medical treatment burden was mitigated. Furthermore, medical wastes with infection were also decreased.
      3) Patients could bathe at an early postoperative stage.
      Although gauze dressings are commonly used on primary suture wounds because of their low cost, film dressings are superior to gauze dressings in many respects.

Key words : film dressing, primary suture, neck


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